Ilona Mamkova

I have been struggling with being overweight for several years. I trained intensively in the gym and was on a diet. I lost 10 kg, but the weight came back quickly. I tried to go to the gym, but the lack of results demotivated me to exercise further. After this experience, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to exercise, not for the purpose of situational weight loss, but to feel healthy.

I had filled out the request on the site, and the very next day I took part in a training. After my first meeting with the trainer, IIlarion Ientin, I had a positive impression. He showed me that it's easy to be healthy. After a fitness test, Illarion created an individual program, which included 2-3 trainings a week.

I decided to take on a rhythm comfortably and I wasn’t persuaded to exercise more often, he listened to my wishes. I exercised enough and was having fun. Sometimes I was angry at myself if I didn't manage to do the exercise because of my lack of strength and stamina. But gradually, thanks to regularity and support of the coach, I understood that everything can be learned.

For example, the real challenge for me was the balance board, which, in the end, turned into a small victory over myself. Usually, during weight loss, I was on a diet, ate almost nothing and became obsessed with my weight.
This time, I did not limit myself, I consumed food consciously, knowing that I would burn calories during the training. At first, I had sent photos of each meal to Illarion. I learnt how to eat 3 times a day, according to the schedule, and to observe the drinking mode. Once the new eating habits were established, there was no need for additional monitoring by the trainer.

I lost 10 kg at the end of the program. I didn’t just lose weight, my well-being changed. I do not have headaches, I became emotionally stable and less critical about myself. But the most important thing is that my sense of self-consciousness has changed.

For a long time I was afraid to come to training because I was afraid to look ridiculous, without makeup and sweaty, but now I am confident in myself and I increase my love and respect for myself. Healthy fitness is not about limitations. Limitations and fears only prevent you from moving forward.
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