Nutrition Recommendation

What to eat and when?
We work hard every day!
Let's eat healthy to make a life better!
Rules #1 Feed yourself better
For the full body functioning and successful adaptation to physical activity, it is important to provide the body with all the necessary elements.
The hormonal system will not be able to provide the processes of releasing energy, burning adipose tissue and building muscles with a lack of important nutrients.

MUST HAVE in your daily diet

Vegetables: fresh and cooked (5 servings)

Fruits and berries: (2 servings)

Animal and vegetable sources of protein (at least 3 servings):
chicken breast, eggs (and egg whites separately), lean beef, fish, turkey, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds

Foods rich in healthy fats:
(at least 2 servings): avocado, nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews and hazelnuts), salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines and other fatty sea fish, olive, almond and nut oils, olives

Fermented foods:
vegetables, milk products, miso, kimchi, tofu

Rules #2 “Poison” yourself less
Some foods can disrupt the intestinal microflora and interfere with the absorption of micronutrients.

These “toxic” products will also inhibit growth processes and disrupt the endocrine system

Products should be excluded from the diet:
Sugar in its pure form (white sugar), as well as sugar-containing confectionery and sweet drinks (including juices and fresh (squeezed juices)

Refined carbohydrates: white flour products, white rice, cereals, muesli, baked goods, etc.)
Vegetable oils, except olive, coconut and linseed
- products with a long shelf life: canned food, pickles, syrups, smoked meats, etc.)
-fast food in any form

number of meals per day: 3-5

40 min to 1 hour meal interval, enough time to digest food

after training:
within 2 hours: you can drink a protein shake, if necessary, maintain or gain muscle mass

in the evening and at night:
depending on the end time of the workout. if the workout ends late in the evening, a light meal will not hurt and will help you recover faster. However, eating too much food can cause sleep disturbance


at least 3 servings, 1 serving size - a palm

5 servings - 1 serving size – a fist

fruits and berries:
2 servings (1 serving size- one large cup)

fat-rich foods:
at least 2 servings, 1 serving size - thumb

1 serving size – approx a fist

at least 3 glasses

maximum 2 cups (according to individual needs)
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