Take your health assessment test so we can create an effective training program.
How often do you get sick?
How many days a week do you sleep less than 7 hours?
Rate the quality of sleep (1-bad, 5-excellent sleep)
Rate the ease of waking up (1-hard, 5-easy)
Rate the level of stress in your daily life on a scale (1 - high stress, 5 - no stress)
How many hours a day do you spend sitting?
How many times a week do you skip a normal meal or replace it by eating junk food?
When was the last time you had a comprehensive health assessment (medical testing)?
How many alcohol do you drink per week?
Serving - 150 ml
Assess your dependence on stimulants (coffee, drugs, etc.) (1 - strong dependence, 5 - do not use)
Rate your libido (1-low, 5-high)
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