Andrey Titar


I tried different types of physical activitys: yoga, fitness, martial arts. I broke my arm, when I was mastering a wakeboard.

During my rehabilitation period I did sets of exercises without any additional weight. I became more interested in fitness and started studying it more seriously. I read specialized literature, followed the influencers in this field and I came to mind that I needed a professional

coach, who would help me to increase my level of physical culture.

This situation led me to Illarion Ientin. During the first meeting we conducted fitness tests, analyzed the results and defined the goal - to lose weight. The trainer created an individual training and nutrition program for me. During the training I learned more about my body and its capabilities.

Illarion explained the physics of exercises, monitored the technique of performing, gave the energy exercises, optimal for my body. The level of training difficulty was gradually growing. After three weeks of regular exercise I rejected physical activity. Illarion approved the decision to take a break.

After recreation I returned to the gym, continued training and finished 3 months of the program with renewed vigour. The coach supported me throughout the whole program, even sending some motivational messages between training sessions. I felt that it was a team effort, as we worked together to achieve results.

"My productivity and self-confidence have increased. I started spending more time with my kids."
During that time I completely
changed my schedule. I have developed a different attitude to my nutrition: I excluded sugar, fried and unhealthy food. I started eating boiled meat, salads, vegetables, and fruits. I keep my weight in norm and can control it. I take part in group training regularly and I know how my body and different muscle groups work. Thanks to my training I am more productive, organized and disciplined.

I can find a solution to complicated problems quicker and manage to solve all the tasks during working hours. At home, I take care of myself and my family. I have become more energetic, active and stronger. I began to realize this while walking and playing with my kids. Now I don’t get tired as before. The kids are growing and getting heavier, but it’s easier for me to lift them now.

Besides the excess weight, I got rid of low self-esteem. Now I am confident in myself and enjoy a fulfilling life. Exercises, healthy food, and the support of a trainer are the tools with which I achieved my goal.
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