Pavel Kostyuchenko

My body began to make feel me uncomfortable when I weighed 93 kg with a height of 168 cm.
My whole of my life has consisted on work, because of it I am in a sitting position for hours. On my day off I travel, but I am an auto-tourist and again, trips sitting in the car.

When I experienced the difficulty of tackling an easy route during a vacation in the mountains, I realized that I was completely out of shape. I actively engaged in recovery: went to the pool, gym, practiced at home on YouTube videos. Everything ended, as I had DOMs and lack of time.

Later I saw a post on Facebook about effective training that doesn't require much time and I was interested. I went to my first meeting with Illarion Ientin. We started with a fitness test, after which the trainer created an individual program for 3 months. I challenged myself and made a promise to work no matter how hard it was. I was curious to see how my body can change throughout the program.
The first training session was challenging. It seemed that some exercises were too unbearable to handle, but I was always supervised by a coach who believed in me, supported and motivated me.

We worked regularly and worked together to achieve results.
It was time to establish nutrition. After the consultation with Illarion, I changed my food basket and the trainer made a proper diet for me.
Cereal, sugar and bread disappeared from my shelf.

I gave up eating fatty meats, salads with mayonnaise, pizza and drinking beer. I started eating fish, white meat, vegetables and I was full after meals. I lost about a kilogram per week. I felt better, began to move more freely, put on clothes a size smaller than the previous one.

Now I weigh 77 kg, I lost 16 kg in 3 months! Exercises that seemed to be impossible for me have become warm-up exercises and I am able to withstand high-intensity workouts. The feeling after them is the same as after hiking. Now I can go higher and further up the mountain, and the experience will be more pleasant and brighter.
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