Natalya Kakurina

After the birth of my child I weighed about 100 kg. I started to get in shape taking part in group and individual training, but I felt irritated and discomfort because I couldn’t communicate with the trainers, I didn't understand the techniques of exercises and I didn’t see the result. After false starts I gave up doing sports for 4 years.

I came to the Illarion Ientin’s program, in order to take my time, that was freed, after the maturation of my child. At that time I weighed more than 90 kg and the weight continued to increase, even with an active lifestyle. With the recommendation of Illarion, after a few training sessions we defined a certain goal to understand what we intend to come to after the end of the program.

The very first session was very gentle, only twice a week, but it was unbearably hard for me. For the first time nothing was working out, but I wasn’t afraid to look ridiculous and kept trying. The trainer made sure my muscles were working properly, changing the exercises and adapting them to me. His interest in my result and dedication to his work motivated me to keep going.

Changing my diet was an important step towards the goal of losing weight. I eliminated all foods that contained sugar. Now I have my own shelf in the fridge with chicken breast, fish, cottage cheese and vegetables. I weighed regularly and together with my trainer we measured my body composition. But the result was unsatisfying: the weight was decreasing, but the fat remained. Thanks to Illarion's attentiveness and persistence, I started working with an endocrine.

The trainer recommended that I pass tests. It turned out that the problem was hormones. In parallel with the training program, I began to rebuild my hormonal system. Thanks to the comprehensive approach, I began to lose about a kilogram per week.
My husband and I have been married for 20 years, but now the relationship seems to have moved to a new level. He supports me, admires and confesses his love.
When I started, I was a size XXL, the first time I bought a tracksuit I was a size M, and now I'm a size XS-S. I almost completely updated my wardrobe. When I weighed 96 kg, I liked myself, I thought I was beautiful, but I was definitely not healthy.

Now I weigh 63 kg. I gained freedom, energy, and self-confidence. I no longer want to lie to the coach, but want to learn new things. I prefer long walks on vacation with my family or meetings with friends.

I took a photography course, I study English, I run in the morning. I realize that everything happened because I wanted it to.
It wasn't easy, but when you start coping with difficulties, you start to believe in yourself more and there is a desire to get better.
You have to at least try
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